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Online Event May 27

9:30-14:00 CET

One thing is for sure: successful companies have data on their side. They make data-driven decisions and have digitalized their processes. How do they do it?

Join our online event ”The Power of Data” where you will get inspiration, knowledge and new insights from keynote speakers on topics such as:
  • Ethics from a risk and compliance perspective
  • How to master your Master Data
  • The Q Economy – What Comes After Digital?
  • Be more right more often - with analytics
Agenda (CET):
09:30-09:40 Welcome session with Sabinije Von Gaffke & Ed Thorne
Smart Data & Analytics
09:40-10:00 Antti Merilehto - Be more right more often with analytics
10:00-10:20 Ayesha Khanna - Winning with AI: How innovative leaders drive growth
10:20-10:40 Shefali Roy - Ethics from a Risk and Compliance perspective
10:40-11:00 Q&A
11:00-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-11:30 Welcome back
11:30-12:10 Masterclass and Q&A with Dun & Bradstreets experts:
Masterclass 1: Tim Vine - Managing credit risk efficiently 
Masterclass 2: Anna Albinsson - Let's put an end to the Guessing Game: The Power of  Data for Sales & Marketing
Masterclass 3: Chris Laws - Mitigating disruption in supply chain management with data & analytics
12:10-12:30 Break 
Accelerate your data driven journey
12:30-12:50 Sarah Öhrvall - Your future self
12:50-13:10 Anders Indset - The Quantum Economy - Saving the Mensch with Humanistic Capitalism
13:10-13:30 Sophie Hackford - The future of the experiential Internet
13:30-13:50 Q&A
13:50-13:55 Summary

Meet our keynote speakers

Antti Merilehto

Antti Merilehto

"Be more right more often - with analytics"

Antti Merilehto is an author on AI, his book was the bestselling business book in Finland. Antti is an ex-Googler and currently CGO of Houston Analytics. His past includes Country Manager for a US tech company and CEO of an AI startup, most of his career has been in digital B2B.
Finnish event organizers awarded Antti as the Speaker of the Year 2018.
Antti has been nominated twice on the list of the Finnish top 100 most influential people in ICT.
Sara Öhrvall

Sara Öhrvall

"Your Future Self"

Sara is a leading expert in digital transformation. Author of “Your future self” (Ditt framtida jag, 2020) where she elaborates on pros and cons with modern technology that brings us the opportunity to become healthier, smarter, stronger, friendlier, older and have sharper senses. But to a certain cost and that is loss of integrity.

She works as part of the Executive Management Team of SEB, responsible for digital development, sustainability and communications. She has been the tech columnist in Dagens Industri, Sweden’s leading business and financial publication.

Shefali Roy

Shefali Roy

"Ethics from a Risk and Compliance perspective"

Expert in ethics and business. Innovate Finance's Most Powerful Women in FinTech List. Teacher at Saïd on open banking, financial inclusion and decentralised finance. Experienced Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer.

Having spent the majority of her career in ethics and compliance, Roy elaborates on the importance of ethics, according to her an inherent and necessary component of business, yet one that is often overlooked. Citing numerous case studies, she emphasises that the means of obtaining financial gain ethically, should never be trivialised or overlooked.


Anders Indset

Anders Indset

"The Quantum Economy - Saving the Mensch with Humanistic Capitalism"

Anders Indset is one of the world's leading business philosophers, best-selling author and a trusted sparring partner to international CEOs and political leaders.

He is a founding partner of the Global Institute of Leadership and Technology and advisory board member of the Swiss-based deep tech pioneer Terra Quantum. He is known for his unconventional way of thinking and his provocative theses.

His latest book ‘The Quantum Economy - Saving the Mensch with Humanistic Capitalism’ entered the Spiegel-Bestseller list and was #1 in Manager Magazin and Handelsblatt for the most sold business books in the German-speaking region. 

Sabinije von Gaffke

Sabinije von Gaffke


Sabinije von Gaffke is an experienced international Moderator, Facilitator, Speaker, Broadcast Journalist and Communications Catalyst at the intersection of Tech, Leadership, Sustainability, Impact and Health. She has vast experience of global summits, digital summits, virtual meetings, live studio broadcasts, public speaking and leadership workshops.