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Capitalizing on Voice Of the Customer – the next big thing?

lauri-mahonen-authors-block.png - 01 maalis 2018

Is your organization measuring nps, tNps and/or rNps? If yes, you are on the beginner level of NPS and no longer one of the early adopters - unless you already have the next move on the table. The NPS early adopter train went already years ago. At least that is the feeling you get when you read the latest research and findings by Gartner who claims that Voice of the customer analysis provides insight into individual and segment motivations. Also, some interesting observations were made by a SalesForce evangelist in Huffington post where he was referring to a HBR study. According to the study, the key sources of data include CRM, VoC, websites, contact center managers and feedback from sales staff. More details from website.

If you haven’t done anything in with NPS, prepare yourself for fierce competition when your customers spread the message.

Understanding your customer is not tricky. You can buy tons of research regarding how your customers view your company. In addition, you can measure satisfaction on a yearly basis. Will that help you in developing new business - for sure yes. But is that good and quick enough if your business environment is constantly changing? Modern organizations want to capitalize on Voice of the Customer as shown earlier in the research results. According to several studies on VoC, many are struggling to do so because they lack data or the quality of data is poor.

More and more organizations are also looking to harness and empower their brains - employees - in favor of customers. This does not mean that one should measure eNPS without action. But rather combining employee and customer satisfaction. Sales figures show that a satisfied customer equals  a satisfied employee and inevitably this leads to better sales. Brutal truth, right?

So how to make it happen? A lot has been done, projects executed, examples from of best customer services in Finland:

Advanced organizations are focusing on improving capitalization by routing customer service calls to agents who have served similar customers with similar pains in a successful way. In other words, organizations are using data-analytics to improve their customer experience when new calls come in.

Early adaptors think VoC is the lifeblood of an organization which has impact on sales, marketing, product development and so forth. But how? Remains to be seen. For sure this has something to do with big data and analytics, examples from HBR view:

Enjoy your Data analytics journey - the road will be rocky but the goal is clear. Remember as Wayne said - you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

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