Real estate REST API

Real estate

Real estate documents (official)

Certicate of registered ownership

The Certificate of registered ownership proves owner rights. The Document may be asked for a valid register unit, property script or separately admitted communal area.


For the encumrance can hold information of register unit, property script, separately admitted communal area and institute equate to encumrance. For discontinued subjects only the basic information.

Land registry extract

The Extract gives information about property script or separately admitted communal area. It can be printed out for a continuing or discontinued property script or  separately admitted communal area.

Land registry map extract

Land registry map extract can be requested only for one (register unit) at a time.

Contact information

Contact information print-out presents the contact information for the receivers of registered ownership of register unit or property script and the institute leaseholders.

Chain of composition forward

This print-out describes the whole chain of composition forward of the register unit: the procedures of the chain composition and directly from the register units or its property script composed register units. In addition, it presents valid register units´ unseparated property scripts and separately admitted communal area of the chain of composition.

Chain of composition backwards


Real Estate information (unofficial)


Registered ownership information
Encumbrance information
Information about leasing rights