Consumer Credit Information

Data for the testing

This document does not contain any real data. All personal data which is shown here are fictitious.

PRC (VRK) - Test people and cases

SSN/IDCase info
160162-9968 Person has credit remarks.
270643-998J Person has trusteeship.
061151-9994 Person has business trusteeship.
021081-998E Person has Legal Aid Office trusteeship.
010868-998U Person has business connections.
191148-999R Person with BRIC.
231162-999X Person has a name with special characters.
040381-9983 Person is dead, date of death included.
080682+998B Person's ID has been deactivated.
010180-953U Person's address - only street and house number are known.
080626-998W Person's address - only postal code and postal office are known.
251189-9985 Person's address - only country is known.
210263-999M Person's address in Finnish and in Swedish.
290574-9981 Person has long address.
081014-9981 Person has no address.
261298-998X Person has a temporary address in Finland.
070560-9976 Person has a temporary address in Finland. Ending date of living in this address is known.
071259-999M Person has multiple temporary addresses.
271169-999A Person has no address or home municipality in Finland.
020143-998C Person lives outside of Finland. Home municipality outside of Finland.
260764-9984 Person lives in a non-registered country. Also, this person has extremely long name.
130496-999L Person temporarily lives outside of Finland with no ending date. Also has extremely long address.
040762-999E Person temporarily lives outside of Finland with ending date.
271169-999A Person's birth place is outside of Finland.
210367-998E Person's native language is Finnish.
010132-998W Person's native language is Swedish.
171210-998D Person's native language is Sami language.
251199-999S Person's native language is Sign language.
070753-9992 Person has multiple nationalities.

Bisnode database - Test people

SSN/IDStatusName / Address
030465-9364 female, alive Meikäläinen Helmi Maarit Kumpulantie 3 00520 Helsinki
101190+935P male, dead Meikalainen Immo Iivari Kumpulantie 3 00520 Helsinki
010203A947K male, alive Meikäläinen Kari Lari Kumpulantie 3 00520 Helsinki
080880-974N female, alive Meikäläinen Liisa Lempi Kumpulantie 3 00520 Helsinki
050535-905F male,alive Meikalainen Olavi Janne Kumpulantie 3 00520 Helsinki
060646-940W female, alive Meikäläinen Aino Minna Kumpulantie 3 00520 Helsinki
090959-9830 male, alive Meikalainen Timo Pasi Kumpulantie 3 00520 Helsinki
121295-918J female, alive Meikäläinen Anna Minna Kumpulantie 3 00520 Helsinki
121295-957T male, alive Meikäläinen Yrjö Veikko Kumpulantie 3 00520 Helsinki
070777-9389 female, alive Meikäläinen Milla Malla Kumpulantie 3 00520 Helsinki
080868-9017 male, alive Meikalainen Janne Antti Kumpulantie 3 00520 Helsinki