Consumer Credit Information

The API provides real-time consumer credit information. The API response contains e.g. a person’s basic Information, business connections, scoring, credit recommendation and credit remarks.

In order to use the API you must have a valid environment-specific user and customer ID's. All API requests must be made over HTTPS.REQUEST THE USER AND CUSTOMER ID'S

Here you can download WSDL file

API endpoints

NOTE! Make sure to change API endpoint before trying to make any requests.
Consider making endpoint configurable in your implentation.

  • - test environment
  • - production environment

API request parameters

KayttajaTiedot   Info from the one who makes the request.  
KayttajaTunnus String User ID. Bisnode will provide this ID. M
AsiakasTunnus String Customer ID. Bisnode will provide this ID. M
LoppuAsiakas_Koodi String This information is needed to clarify where (which service or site) request has been sent to the API. This could be for example the customer's service id or site name where the request was sent. e.g. 54321 or M
LoppuAsiakas_Nimi String The name of the company who made the request. e.g. Customer Company Ltd M
LoppuAsiakas_HenkiloNimi String The name of the person who made the request. e.g. John Doe M
AsiakkaanViite String Reference information. O
Versio String API version number. e.g. 1 O
KohdeTiedot   Info about the target person of the request.  
HenkiloTunnus String Personal identification number (ssn). e.g. 160162-9968 M
SyyKoodi String You must define why this request was made. Available options: 1=Application For Credit, 2=Credit Sale Control, 3=Debt Collection, 5=Key person of a Company, 7=Agreement of lease, 8=Evaluation of employee/jobseeker, 9=Authority's right for information, A=Guarantee or pledge, B=Definition of agreement, C=Certificate of liability M
HenkiloTiedot String You can define, what kind of personal data API response contains. Available options: k=personal data, x=personal data and bric, y=personal data and consumer classification, z=personal data, consumer classification and bric, e=none (no personal data). O
LuottoTietoMerkinnat String If you want to know person's credit remarks. Available options: s=credit remarks. O
YritysYhteydet String If you want to know person's business connections. Available options: k=yes. O
ScoreJaLuottoSuositus String If you want to know person's scoring and credit recommendation. Available options: k=yes. O

Simple API request and response example


            <LoppuAsiakas_Nimi>Customer Company Ltd</LoppuAsiakas_Nimi>
            <LoppuAsiakas_HenkiloNimi>John Doe</LoppuAsiakas_HenkiloNimi>
            <AsiakkaanViite>Normal credit recomm</AsiakkaanViite>


                  <OnnistuikoHaku Koodi="0000">Haku onnistui</OnnistuikoHaku>
                     <LahiosoiteS>Raas &amp; Tuvankatu 19c C 5</LahiosoiteS>
                     <LahiosoiteR>Råd &amp; Husgatan 19c C 5</LahiosoiteR>