People Monitoring REST - Implementattion guide

Register info endpoint

In simple scenarios this endpoint useful during development, and you probably don't need to use this endpoint in the actual implementation. In more complex scenarios, you must use this endpoint to get information when new rows are matched.

Register info endpoint will return: Register name (if named), total number or items in register, number of matched items in register and last 1000 events

Endpoint parameters

Name type Description
RegisterId URl part  
X-api-key Custom http header Register API key, or valid ticket from Bisnode permission API

Request and response example

GET people/register-monitor/v2/register/1
Content-type: application/json
x-api-key: [removed]

Successful request and the API return results in JSON format.

  "registerId": 181,
  "registerName": "test",
  "events": [
      "id": 909,
      "typeId": 1,
      "typeName": "Upsert items",
      "timestamp": "2017-05-08T10:51:01.253Z"
      "id": 910,
      "typeId": 3,
      "typeName": "Matching started",
      "timestamp": "2017-05-08T10:51:02.533Z"
      "id": 911,
      "typeId": 4,
      "typeName": "Matching ended",
      "timestamp": "2017-05-08T10:52:04.13Z"
      "id": 912,
      "typeId": 5,
      "typeName": "Populated matching results",
      "timestamp": "2017-05-08T10:52:04.31Z"
  "itemCount": 501299,
  "matchedItemCount": 491001