People monitoring REST

How to deploy people register monitor service

Step 1: Initialize service for your register

Contact Bisnode Sales department Your salesperson at Bisnode will help you with all necessary permits and provide the credentials to the People Register Monitor Service.

Once PRC (Population Register Centre) grants a permit, you will receive RegisterID and API key to the test and production environment to start the implementation.


Test environment:
· Service base url:
· Swagger API documentation:
· Register Id: 10
· API key: 12345678900987654321EROISA

Production environment:
· Service base url:
· Register Id: 12
· API key: EFGDSOSI12345678900987654321

Step 2: Implement integration on your system(s)

1. How to upload new persons to the register for monitoring. See section "How to implement data upload and delete person to register?".

2. How to get changes relating the persons already in monitoring. See section “How to implement data download?”.

Notice: During development, you should use test environment even if you have production credentials available. Production environment is always subject to charge negotiated in the contract.


See more: implementation instructions from implementation guide »

Step 3: Deploy service to production

Simply change URL, RegisterID and API key from test to production.