Company information - SOAP API

Description of content

This document contains a short description of the API content. It includes e.g. elements translations and data examples.

Data Segments

The content of the response message is defined in the request message. Available options:

  • YTJ1 basic information on a company from the Finnish Business Information System
  • YTJ2 (YTJ1 plus) information on a company’s eventual payment defaults
  • YTJS (YTJ2 plus) scoring
  • YTJ3 (YTJ2 plus) information on rating, economy and key persons
  • YTJ4 (YTJ3 plus) key person’s connections to business activity and their personal credit information
  • YTJD (YTJ4 plus) credit recommendation
  • BTP1 profit and loss statement and balance sheet


y-tunnus Business ID
duns duns number
nimi Business Name
posoite Mailing address
ppostino ZIP code
ppostitp Postal district
kosoite Visiting address
kpostino ZIP code
kpostitp Postal district
numero Telephone number
kotipaikka Domicile
yhtiomuoto Legal form
kieli Company language
tol NACE code
seloste NACE text
nimi Parallel trade name
alkupvm In Trade Register since (yyyymmdd)
epr_alkupvm In Prepayment Register since (yyyymmdd)
alv_alkupvm In VAT Registered since (yyyymmdd)
tar_alkupvm In Register of Employers since (yyyymmdd)

YTJ2 (YTJ1 - Data content plus following data elements)

TuoreinTilinpaatosPvm Latest financial statements (mmyyyy)
merkintojenlkm Payment remarks and other remarks (pcs)
merkintakoodi Remark code
merkintaselite Remark text
summa Sum of remark (€)
merkintapvm Date of remark
ref Paid
velkoja Creditor

YTJS (YTJ2 - Data content plus scoring)

YTJS_scoring Scoring

YTJ3 (YTJ2 - Data content plus following data elements)

Rating Rating
limiitti Limit (k€)
ratingperusteet: toiminta Rating Profile Code "Operation"
ratingperusteet: tausta Rating Profile Code "Background"
ratingperusteet: talous Rating Profile Code "Finance"
ratingperusteet: maksutapa Rating Profile Code "Ability to pay"
emoyhteisö: nimi Name of parent company
emoyhteisö: kotimaa Home country of parent company
vastuuhenkilo: sukunimi Responsible person according to the Trade Register: last name
vastuuhenkilo: etunimet Responsible person according to the Trade Register: first name
vastuuhenkilo: roolikoodi Role codes of responsible person
vastuuhenkilo: synt_aika Birthday of responsible person (ddmmyy)
vastuuhenkilo: hetu Personal identity code of responsible person
liikevaihtoluokka: luokka Turnover class code
liikevaihtoluokka: selite Turnover class text
henkilostoluokka: luokka Employee class code
henkilostoluokka: selite Employee class text
nimenkirjoittaja Person authorized to sign
nimi Name
kotipaikka Domicile
synt_aika Date of birth
kansalaisuus Nationality
roolikoodi Role code
rooliselite Role text
prokurakoodi Procuration code
prokuraselite Procuration text
nimenkirjoituslauseke Clause of signature
koodi Code
nimenkirjoituslauseke Clause of signature

YTJ4 (YTJ3 - Data content plus following data elements)

YTJ4_vastuuhenkiloiden_luottotiedot Responsible person’s payment remarks
YTJ4_vastuuhenkiloiden_yritysyhteydet Responsible person’s business contacts

YTJD (YTJ4 – Data content plus following data elements)

YTJD_luottosuositus Credit recommendation