Companies REST API

Codes and descriptions

The Codes and Descriptions API returns all codes values and descriptions which companies REST APIs contains.


  • - production environment
  • - test environment


Parameter Description  
id Code key X



Code Description
ABI Rating ability to pay codes
BAC Rating background codes
BRA Bankruptcy and Reorganization administrator codes
COC Country codes
CSR Company signing right codes
CTC Case type codes
FIN Rating finance codes
FUN Function codes
LAC Language codes
LBC Line of business codes
LFC Legal form codes
MUC Municipality codes
OPE Rating operation codes
OWC Owner type codes
PEC Personnelclass codes
PSR Person signing right codes
RAC Rating codes
REC Remark codes
ROC Role codes
SEC Sector codes
STC Status codes
TUC Turnoverclass codes
TYC Type codes

Request and response example

curl '' -H 'x-api-key: 1234567890ABC'

Successful request and the API returns results in JSON format.

    "codeKey": "RAC",
    "codeName": "Rating-koodit",
    "codeNameEnglish": "Rating codes",
    "codeNameSwedish": "Rating-koder",
    "codes": [
            "codeValue": "AA",
            "codeDescription": "Hyvä luottokelpoisuus",
            "codeDescriptionEnglish": "Good Creditworthness",
            "codeDescriptionSwedish": "God kreditvärdighet"
            "codeValue": "AN",
            "codeDescription": "Toiminta uutta / tausta ei negatiivinen",
            "codeDescriptionEnglish": "New company with positive background",
            "codeDescriptionSwedish": "Nystartat företag"
            "codeValue": "A",
            "codeDescription": "Luottokelpoinen",
            "codeDescriptionEnglish": "Creditworthy",
            "codeDescriptionSwedish": "Kreditvärdig"
            "codeValue": "EIRA",
            "codeDescription": "Ei rating",
            "codeDescriptionEnglish": "Not rated",
            "codeDescriptionSwedish": "Rating ej fastställd"
            "codeValue": "B",
            "codeDescription": "Epätyydyttävä",
            "codeDescriptionEnglish": "Credit against securities",
            "codeDescriptionSwedish": "Kredit mot säkerhet"
            "codeValue": "C",
            "codeDescription": "Luotonantoa ei puolleta",
            "codeDescriptionEnglish": "Credit rejected",
            "codeDescriptionSwedish": "Kredit avrådes"
            "codeValue": "AAA",
            "codeDescription": "Korkein luottoluokitus",
            "codeDescriptionEnglish": "Highest Creditwortness",
            "codeDescriptionSwedish": "Högsta kreditvärdighet"

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