11 kesä 2020

Over the past few years, Bisnode Group has expanded its solution offering for digital marketing in Finland and in several other European countries. Solutions prepared in cooperation with media operators, among other things, have introduced new perspectives and target groups for clients advertising through digital channels. Bisnode’s data enables clients to reach both consumers and corporate decision-makers in various digital channels more effectively than before.

“We see our cooperation with IAB Finland as an opportunity to impact the changing regulations and analyse future prospects. We have previously worked with IAB Finland and Pasi Raassina, and I believe our future cooperation will prove equally successful,” says Lauri Mähönen, Head of Business Development at Bisnode.

“The membership of IAB has grown considerably over the past year, and it is a pleasure to welcome Bisnode to IAB’s operations. I believe that Bisnode’s expertise will create added value for the operations of the entire IAB Finland, and we will be able to offer Bisnode a fitting community of specialists where the company’s expertise and the prerequisites for cooperation have a chance to grow, especially now that the digital market is entering a time of major changes,” says Pasi Raassina, Managing Director of IAB Finland


For more information, please contact:

Lauri Mähönen, Head of Business Development
+358 40 732 5322, lauri.mahonen@bisnode.com

IAB Finland
Pasi Raassina, Managing Director
+358 40 575 3726, pasi.raassina@iab.fi


IAB Finland

IAB Finland was established when the web was taking its first steps, creating completely new marketing opportunities. It was evident that the change could be turned into growth. This is where IAB is needed more than ever before to help enterprises and individuals keep up with the transformation of marketing. For this purpose, IAB produces unbiased information and offers it in a convenient and inspiring format to its members and the public. For its members, IAB is an opportunity for professional discussion, development and the visible promotion of expertise. For the marketing community, IAB is the promise of unbiased information, inspiring discourse and important topics. The public knows IAB as an advocate for a better marketing experience. IAB – For changemakers.” www.iab.fi


Bisnode is a pioneering data and analytics company building a brighter future with the help of smart data. The company employs more than 2,100 passionate and inspired employees who cooperate across a total of 19 European countries. Bisnode helps enterprises predict customer behaviour, manage business risks and find answers to various business-related questions by means of analytics and scoring models. www.bisnode.fi

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